When I blundered into the blogosphere a few months ago I started by thinking of an identity for moi and my online authorship. From a cobwebbed corner of my mind came rainycitytales, because if there is one thing Manchester is renowned for it’s moisture!

Now it has been brought to the attention, of this new kid on the blog, that this may have led to a case or two of mistaken identity in cyberspace. Little did I know at the time that I was just one degree of separation from  Rainy City Stories… spot the difference?

Rainy City Stories plots a literary landscape of Manchester (complete with Google Map infused with cute ‘ickle cloud icons). The site includes the works of established talents including Jackie Kay and Nicholas Royle as well as writing from rising stars. 

So sorry for any confusion folks… you can stop scratching your heads now!

* Image c/o Kaliya licensed under Creative Commons.