I love the digital music revolution… iTunes, The Hype Machine, MySpace and friends, all satisfy my urge for instant aural gratification. However as someone who, in true geek fashion, has spent hours alphabetising one’s CD collection I do miss having the physical object in my hands from time to time.

Cover artwork, pouring over those lyrics and sleeve notes, discovering Rolf Harris sang backing vocals on your favourite track! All part of the experience for a music lover… and Wakefield’s finest indie rock band, The Cribs, agree.

The Cribs (now featuring Manchester music legend Johnny Marr.. you may remember him from a little band called The Smiths) release their new album ‘Ignore The Ignorant’ on the 7th of September 2009. In order to get folks back in the shops and buying CD’s a special edition is being released exclusively at independent record stores in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Portland, Oregon (USA) – where the band members reside.

This version is being referred to as the Roses Edition and will be housed in a black box containing ‘Ignore The Ignorant’, a live CD from the band’s gigs at The Ritz (Manchester) in February 2009 and a DVD featuring “The Making of..” and a short film produced by frontman Ryan Jarman.

To get your mitts on a copy in Manchester run down to the holy grail of independent record shops Piccadilly Records or if your credit card is getting twitchy already you can always order online right now.

c/o laurabaabaa licensed under Creative Commons.