Now for those of you that have been paying attention you may have noticed I have been a little quiet on the Twitter front over the past couple of days.

I know it’s not much of an excuse but at the end of last week I was kicking off my studies at the University of Salford and as part of the learning process I have introduced to the blogosphere my alter ego SocialBedia – (cue shameless plug) which maybe of interest to any of you folks into all things ‘web 2.0’.

Do not fear I will be doing my best not to let rainycitytales get neglected and keeping my finger on the pulse of Mamucium, as well as hopefully providing a bit more of the goings on from across the Irwell.

While I’m here you might be interested to learn about one of Manchester’s most exciting venue openings in recent weeks. Blackdog Blackroom has joined the ever growing list of Northern Quarter watering holes – make mine a JD and Coke if you don’t mind. Whilst in other news don’t forget to November In Manchester begins tomorrow… I can’t wait!

Image c/o margaperez licensed under Creative Commons.