Social media… the final frontier!!!

As I have previously blogged I am currently undertaking a social media related community project on behalf of St Ann’s Hospice. Today we met with some members of the St Ann’s team to discuss how to move the project forward and the areas we are going to be focusing on.

It was agreed that our project will be centred around the promotion of the Manchester Midnight Walk 2010, for which the theme is ‘A Night to Remember’ and becoming a St Ann’s Hospice star.

As a result of the meeting it was decided that the project will split into three key areas;

– Social media education

– Social media campaign – conducted across a variety of platforms YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc.

– Social media evaluation – split between accessing the social media ‘training’ and the promotion of the Manchester Midnight Walk

The next stage is to produce a detailed timetable for all the proposed activities and to ensure all parties involved are briefed and engaged accordingly. As the team moves forward I hope to chronicle some of activities and findings here which will provide some insights into the use of social media for charity campaigns and fundraising.

NOTE: For more information about taking part in the Manchester Midnight Walk read my post at

Image c/o nasa1fan/MSFC licensed under Creative Commons.