You may have seen me tweeting recently about the The Northern Song Collective (NSC). I have recently started giving them a hand on their social media activities – so I thought it was high time I gave them a plug here.

The NSC are a co-operative of talented songwriters and musicians with the simple aim of writing and producing exceptional tunes.

To get a taste of the NSC’s talents check out two of the members at the Northern Quarter’s Hungry Pigeon festival. The festival takes place from 28th until 30th of May 2010 across a range of venues.

First up, on Friday night, you can catch Dan Pye performing as part of Paraffin Oil Shop at Moho Live. While Jimmy Docherty will be playing alongside The Traveling Band at Band on the Wall on Saturday.

To keep up with the latest information join the NSC on Facebook or follow on Twitter @NSCmusic

Image c/o San Diego Shooter licensed under Creative Commons.