It takes some doing but projecting somewhere into the future one hopes they’ll will be an end to all this (@kate_is_busy – are we glamming up for the occasion like these ladies? I think I could rock this look!) Yet that’s going to leave rather a lot of time on my hands and you’ve got to have something to aim for. So in a world post MA these are my resolutions…

1) I promise to reverse the muscle wastage that has occurred from the hours spent glued to a screen by going back to the gym.

2) I promise to no longer neglect rainycitytales and treat it to some serious TLC.

3) I promise to Go See This and soak up the cultural delights of Manchester.

4) I promise to reignite my passion for live music and get to some gigs.

5) I promise to recognise that going to bed after midnight on a regular basis does no one any good.

Image c/o digitalcollectionsum licensed under Creative Commons.