On the 23rd of October* Bury Art Gallery opens the doors on a new exhibition bringing Moominvalley to north Manchester. The exhibition is part of a cultural partnership between Bury and Tampere, Finland the motherland of the Moomins who are celebrating their 65th birthday this year – isn’t Moominmamma is looking good for her age!

The show will give visitors the chance to experience the magic of original Moomin drawings from the creator Tove Jansson, displayed alongside a collection of rare examples of Jansson’s illustrations published in the Finnish press. All making it the ideal day out for big kids, as well as the little ‘uns.

The exhibition coincides with the re-printing of the Moomin stories in English and the opening of the film Moomins and the Comet Chase, featuring a soundtrack by Iceland’s most famous papzerai bashing export Bjork.

* The exhibition runs until the 15th of January 2011.

c/o monojussi licensed under Creative Commons.