Are you ready to ROCK with the Northern Song Collective (NSC) and Men Matter Appeal?

Manchester’s Men Matter Appeal raise awareness and much needed funds to assist the fight against the three types of cancer exclusive to men: prostate, testicular and penile. They have teamed up with the Northern Song Collective with the aim of raising big bucks for this important and often forgotten cause.

This week the Manchester based songwriters collective released the video for their riff-filled charity single Feeling the Fury and it received first airplay on 106.1 Rock Radio. The track features members of legendary UK rock bands Thunder, Gun and Little Angels. As well as Mike Sweeney, broadcasting veteran and member of the band The Salford JetsDr Chris Steele, of This Morning fame, has also lent his support to the campaign by unleashing his inner rocker – watch the video to see.

The NSC are setting themselves the target of reaching the Top 40 with the tune, penned by Jake Fishers, David Hanson and Daniel Ross as part of a In The City 2010 songwriting competition. Therefore don’t forget to download Feeling the Fury from the 4th of April 2011 from Amazon UK, iTunes and Spotify to show your support.

The promotion and release of the track coincides with Prostate Cancer Awareness Month UK in March and Testicular Cancer Awareness Week from 1st-7th April, so boys don’t forget to check your bits and pieces!