Today I had the pleasure of flexing some creative muscle in a workshop with the energetic and inspirational Lisa Baxter. Along with becoming a expert in sex therapy for bees (you needed to be there!) here are five things I’m taking away from today;

1) Once Upon A Time… – You can harness the inner child and spark imagination with Rory’s Story Cubes. There’s even an app for it – though sadly far less tactile than the original game.

2) Yeah But… No But… Yeah… – In creative thinking saying “Yeah and”… is far more productive, supportive and facilitates even better ideas than “Yeah but”… Allow yourself to have all the ideas before you start to evaluate them.

3) Let’s Do The Time-warp – Saying there isn’t time is not a valid excuse – find those minutes/hours/days and in the words of Nike ‘Just Do It’.

4) Musings On Muses – We all need a muse(s) they help us grow personally and professionally. For me Steve JobsShelly BernsteinJohn LasseterBrendan Dawes, Rachel Sterne all sprang to mind. So if any of you are reading this and are looking for a new BBF drop me a line.

5) Remember, Remember – Ideas are risk free.

Image c/o freeflyer09 licensed under Creative Commons.