We’re Forever Manchester and we do charity the Mancunian Way.

For anyone who’s not familiar with ‘doing things the Mancunian Way’ it means that we like to do things a bit out of the ordinary, we like to lead rather than follow, we do things with a bit of swagger and a sense of humour and as Tony Wilson so eloquently put it “This is Manchester, we do things differently here”.  We’re famous for it and we’re proud of it.

That’s why, when making our new promo video to raise awareness of our charity, we wanted to steer away from any images of sadness, upset and need, and make a charity video the Mancunian Way.

We’ve taken a very tongue in cheek look at the recent trend of ‘chugging’ (charity street fundraising) which has now made Manchester’s Market Street an almost impossible obstacle course to walk along and try to show that, unlike other traditional methods used by charities, we try to combine fundraising with having a laugh, with doing something a bit different and, you guessed it, fundraising the Mancunian Way.

Although we don’t regularly start a flash mob and party with Rowetta to ‘Step On’ by the Happy Mondays in Piccadilly Gardens to raise money, as we did when making the video, we can regularly be seen fundraising with a Manchester twist at festivals, comedy shows, gigs and exhibitions to name a few.

Yet as much as we like having a laugh there is a very serious reason behind our innovative fundraising techniques – and that is to help the wonderful people of our wonderful region who selflessly give up their time to set up or run local grass-roots community projects for the benefit of others.  We give money to these people who use it to improve where they live, to make sure there are always things to do and to make sure Manchester is the best place on Earth to live!

So if you’re passionate about Manchester just as we are, help us to raise awareness of Forever Manchester and the work we do by watching our video and sharing it with as many people as you can!

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