I recently attended the Culture Geek conference, the first in a series of events focused on the digital side of the arts. Here’s a quick run down of my key take-aways from each of the day’s speakers.

Andy Levey – Cirque du Soleil

Look to insert your brand at each stage of the ‘engagement cycle’ for example before the event >> during >> after >> before the next event.

Chris MellorThe Broadway Theatre Barking & Camden Theatres

With live streaming you need a campaign to drive people’s interest to watch in advance – it’s not a case of build it and they will come.

Ellen West and Jamie Tetlow – Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House developed their new website using a data driven and evolving prototyping approach. The key to the new site was to make functionality core, preceding ‘looks’.

Jill Colvin – Sydney Festival

Simple but spot on the Festival’s social media motto “Tweet good stuff”

Tijana Tasich and Elena Villaespesa – Tate

Help colleagues become stakeholders in an analytics culture within your organisation. To do this get them to feed in their metric requirements: activity, strategic goal, objectives, metrics, target

Shamir Allibhai – Doha Film Institute

The Institute are beginning to use tools such as Storify to curate tweets, posts, photos etc. in order to bring a narrative back to social media content.

Julia Kenyon – BBC Worldwide

Embrace fans and their love for your brand by being generous, sharing and fuelling their passion.

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