Was your New Year’s resolution to meet new people? Get out more? Or just to have more fun? A friendly reminder e-mail (which also reminded me I’ve hit 30 – cheers for that!) from Meetup the other day got me thinking about who’ll be hanging out where in 2013. So here’s a little pick of some of those events to look out for…

1) Women’s Over 30 Hangout (WOH)WOH is a new regular meet-up for 2013 aimed at those ‘girls’ that have hit the big 3 0 (what can I said it happens to the best of us). So if you fancy a tipple, good grub and great conversation head to Gorilla on Friday 25 January.

2) Northern Quarter Baking Club – Calling all you Great British Bake Off wannabes forget Mary Berry and meet some of Manchester’s master bakers *titters* (sorry… couldn’t help it). They’ll be no soggy bottoms here (ooo errr…), maybe a first for the rainy city, as the NQ Baking Club share recipes and sample some tasty treats.

3) Drink n’ Doodle – Like to scribble, scrawl and sketch? Partial to a little drinkie? This might be the meet-up for you. Drink n’ Doodle #1 and #2 took place late last year. 2013’s first run out is yet to be scheduled but keep your eye on their Meetup page for details and whilst you’re waiting get inspired by their collections on Pinterest.

Image c/o alykat licensed under Creative Commons.