Last week I attended NUX2 Manchester UX, Design & Psychology Conference. Here are my favourite top ten takeaways:

1) Too many choices will not boost results – even when it comes to jam. ‘Choice is Demotivating‘ explains why.

2) Be democratic about design, get input from across the business, then curate.

3) If comparing A and B? Then get ready to make C.

4) Usability testing: doing something is better than doing nothing.

5) Design like you’re right, test like you’re wrong.

6) Less is more. This needs focus: less features, less content.

7) Keep in mind the elevator pitch: Who are you? What are you? What do I think about you? What about you and me?

8) Focus on your core values. Only experiment when you have enough goodwill to spend on experimentation.

9) People respond to pictures.. words are slippery things.

10) And don’t forget to fail again and fail better.