Public transport… well no one could ever call it glamourous could they? As much as I wish that it was all like the recent Virgin Trains adverts – complete with ’80’s soundtrack… if only!

However maybe I have got it all wrong as Urban Splash and chums (FAT Architecture in this case) over in New Islington (great little website) have been sexing up bus stops. Here’s the visuals to prove it…

Turns out bus shelters can look rather pretty in pink – though I am not sure how many folks will be bathing in magenta rays on a grey, damp day in Manchester which we are known to have a few of. Still this is a great example of design taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. It certainly brightened up my day!

If you are in Manchester and want to hop on the buses to take a look at this functional but funky number head for Old Mill Street / Ancoats Clinic.