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Fed up of squinting at my MacBook, whilst composing my latest musings, I decided that it was time to invest in a new pair of spectacles. The vision was to procure the perfect examples of geek ‘chic’ and I can see clearly now the rain has gone I’ve been to Seen

The small but perfectly formed Seen opticians are tucked away in St. Ann’s Arcade in Manchester city centre. Their motto is ‘changing the world one face at a time’ and with the funkiest frames (with quirky names like Lost in the Library and Self Preservation Society) in town you can see they are onto a winner. 

At Seen the customer is king with great personal service. The ‘Director of Happiness’ (no really… imagine the pressure of that job) helped me pick out my smart new bins which are now sat proudly atop my nose.

However what I really love about Seen (apart from the spectacular service and spectacles) is the fun they have with their marketing materials. Sooooo much better than the average guff that we suffer on a day-to-day basis (that U2 / Blackberry ad is my case and point!

Seen Opticians, Manchester

So *big thumbs up* all around for Seen… I almost feel sorry for you folks with 20/20 vision it’s far cooler being a specky four eyes 🙂