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Unless you have been living under a rock recently you won’t have fail(whale)ed to have heard of Twitter, that has been redesigning how we communicate. As a bit of a twitt-erer myself and to pay thanks to the folks and spambots that take the time to read my tweets here are my favs all about Manchester:

1 ) sweet_shop off to Manchester to wonder at people with whippets and saying the word chuck!

2 ) qikipedia I would like to live in Manchester. The transition between Manchester and death would be unnoticeable – MARK TWAIN

3 ) chrissyhammond It may be raining in Manchester, but the sun shines in us Mancunians #wouldntliveanywhereelse #Manchester

4 ) michaelcooper Manchester is trending. About time. It’s just like the early 90s all over again

5 ) Liam_Donnelly Is it just me or do both the Manchester football clubs (Man City and Man United) sound like gay bars?

6 ) Suitov Manchester police horses are taught the guitar during training, so they won’t shy at buskers. #manchesterfacts #projectnorth #mediacityuk

7 ) McrMosaics “When I was young I didn’t see the beauty of Manchester streets. I used to go to the country to paint landscapes. Then one day I saw it… suddenly I saw the beauty of the streets and the crowds” Lowry 1972

8 ) benjimmin I enjoyed Manchester in the rain this afternoon. Downside of being piss-wet through of course, but small price to pay

9 ) creativetourist ‘The great thing here (Mcr) is the contribution to the notion of what the city is, that the city is full of possibilities & potential 

10 ) Kate_Butler I don’t know why but I feel all happy and proud when southerners think Manchester is ace #smushy