Belle Vue Fanzine 2

Needing a caffeine pick-me-up last week I hot-footed to Northern Quarter fave An Outlet – who are now selling rather tasty looking chocolaty treats… there goes the healthy eating campaign again! Anyway as well as picking up my latte I had the pleasure of coming across Belle Vue.

For those of you that remember the days before blogs or even the interweb there was the humble creation known as the fanzine. In this digital age Belle Vue is lovingly embracing this medium once again. And the Belle Vue Fanzine extolls the virtues of… you guessed it Manchester.

Issue 1 hit in late 2008 and now it’s back covering a range of subjects including George Best, Chetham Hill watering holes, congestion charging and city swimming all accompanied by hand drawn illustrations and a crossword too. Not bad for 2 quid eh?

To find a stockist near you e-mail where the Belle Vue Fanzine team would also be happy to hear from potential contributors to Issue 3.

P.S. Sorry about cr@p visual aid to this post… I blame the technology!